Denouncing the KKK Cowards

There is no room for bigotry in our community. The re-emergence of the KKK and organizations like it must be met by condemnation of and resistance to their hatred and cowardice. I denounce the despicable acts of these cowards, who choose to spread their vile message under cover of darkness in an attempt to conceal their identity. And I call on all other community leaders to do the same.

I saw this type of cowardice while deployed in Afghanistan. Members of the Taliban would travel around at night, posting letters on the doors of families they wanted to intimidate. The answer here is the same as it was there: engage as a community, support our neighbors, and speak out together. One of the greatest strengths of our community is our diversity. We gain perspective and create stability by engaging with our neighbors.

UPDATE (8/4/18): Please join me at the “Community Unity Against Hate” event on August 11.