Fully Fund Our Schools

There is no right more foundational to our future than education. I am committed to the security of our future generations, paying all of our school teachers a fair wage, and fully funding our schools. There is no question—our teachers are rock stars, and they should be paid like it.

In today’s highly competitive world, we need to ensure that every child has a quality education as their foundation. It’s time to guarantee funding for full-day public kindergarten to begin closing achievement gaps and helping kids succeed in school. We must review the state-level testing requirements and, where necessary, make changes that improve our children’s learning capacity, not their test-taking ability.

All of our public schools should receive the funding that they are promised and need. In 1999, a budget amendment designated that all Virginia lottery proceeds be added to the K-12 education budget. Since then, there has been an increasing reliance on lottery funds to replace, rather than supplement, general budget spending on education. More than a dozen programs that used to be paid for out of general funds are now funded by lottery proceeds.