Time for Action on Gun Violence Prevention

“Out of the world’s 251,000 gun deaths every year, there’s a group of six countries that make up more than half of those deaths — and the United States is in it.”

We don’t have to live this way. There are two schools of thought on stopping gun violence: reactive and proactive. The first adopts measures to limit the harms of gun violence after a shooter has already obtained a weapon: increased security measures, better training, etc. The second addresses the root causes of gun violence and seeks to stop shootings from happening at all.

Politicians often give lip service to stopping gun violence yet never push for real change. As your state senator, I pledge that I will not limit myself to increasing security protections, I will fight to stop gun violence by pushing for responsible gun legislation that prevents those who would harm themselves or others from having access to a gun at all. The time for paltry half measures is over.