“I am running because the residents of the 13th Senate District deserve an experienced leader who will fight for our entire community rather than using the office to push special interests.”
– Kyle Green

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Governing Philosophy

Kyle’s starting point in every policy discussion is that government must protect our most vulnerable populations. Kyle learned this foundational principle in the Marine Corps while helping war-torn and splintered communities rebuild, and it applies equally here at home. Kyle will be tenacious in the fight to ensure that marginalized persons are protected.

Criminal Justice

We must enact sweeping and comprehensive policy changes that address the root causes of criminal behavior while mitigating the negative consequences of harmful policing practices. Kyle has worked with dozens of community leaders to develop a justice framework that prioritizes brains over brawn. It is time to get SMART on crime. Read more…


Politicians can’t be trusted to draw their own districts. Kyle knows that Richmond dangles the promise of a gerrymandered district to manipulate candidates, horse trade votes, and deny citizens the fair representation they deserve. Kyle will fight to ensure that when districts are next redrawn in 2021, it will be done by an independent commission, not politicians with vested interests.

Gun Legislation

As a combat veteran, Kyle has an intimate understanding of the power of firearms. He will advocate for responsible gun legislation that protects our entire community without infringing on the rights of law-abiding people. Kyle will fight for universal background checks, red flag (aka GVRO) statutes, banning assault-style weapons, and limiting magazine capacity.


Climate change is not a specter of future calamity, it is a real and present danger. Kyle refuses to take contributions from oil, coal, or utility companies that want to influence our political processes and will stand with those seeking to make Virginia a leader in green-energy production. Kyle will fight to leave our children the inheritance of a clean environment.


Traffic sucks, and Northern Virginia’s traffic is among the worst in the nation. Kyle understands the costs of our traffic situation because he sits in it with you every day. Kyle will work as endlessly as our traffic to bring common sense solutions to our roadways such as Route 15, Route 7, the Greenway, and cross-county parkways.


There is no room for complacency when it comes to our children’s future. Loudoun and Prince William public schools are among the best in the Commonwealth, but there is still room for improvement. Kyle will fight for investments in our public schools that increase teacher pay, keep classes appropriately sized, and ensure access for every child.

LGBTQ+ Rights

Kyle will fight to make sure that all Virginians are treated with the dignity they deserve. Non-discrimination protections that currently apply to race, religion, and gender should be expanded to include the LGBTQ+ community as well. Marriage equality should be enshrined in Virginia law to protect this right from future possible actions by the United States Supreme Court.

Women’s Rights

Every woman has the right to make her own healthcare decisions without undue obstacles from the government. Kyle will fight to ensure that women’s rights are enshrined in Virginia law, so that they are protected here no matter what decisions the United States Supreme Court may issue in coming years. Kyle will also fight for equal pay for equal work and supports the Equal Rights Amendment.

Campaign Finance

Kyle will fight for government by the people, not big corporations. Kyle has pledged not to take money from corporate PACs, Dominion Energy, or Appalachian Power. Candidates should be required to itemize expenditures and justify how they are campaign-related. Donors that receive state protections or preferential treatment should be banned from contributing to Virginia campaigns.

Minimum Wage

Elected officials have been playing politics with workers’ wages for too long. We need to start making progressive decisions that improve the lives of the hardest working members of our community. Kyle will work to raise the minimum wage to at least $15/hour and tie increasing the minimum wage to an indicator like inflation or the consumer price index.


Access to healthcare is a right for every Virginian. As a volunteer EMT with the Purcellville Rescue Squad, Kyle saw the devastation that a healthcare emergency can wreak on an individual, physically and financially. Kyle will fight to ensure that all Virginians have access to affordable healthcare and that the hard-won Medicaid Expansion is effectively implemented.