“I am running because the residents of the 13th Senate District deserve an experienced leader who will fight for our entire community rather than using the office to push special interests.”
– Kyle Green

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Kyle received his entrepreneurial spirit from his parents, who both owned small businesses. Kyle built and successfully exited a small business here in Northern Virginia and understands the need for fiscal responsibility in all aspects of life. Kyle will take his don’t-quit-until-the-job’s-done work ethic to Richmond to ensure that our tax dollars are serving the citizens.


There is no room for complacency when our children’s future is at stake. Loudoun and Prince William public schools are among the best in the Commonwealth, but there is room for improvement. Kyle will fight for investments in our public schools that attract the best teachers, keep classes appropriately sized, and ensure access to each of our children.


Access to healthcare is a right for every citizen. As a volunteer EMT with the Purcellville Rescue Squad, Kyle saw the devastation a healthcare emergency can put on an individual, physically and financially. Kyle will fight to ensure that all Virginians have access to affordable healthcare.


Northern Virginia’s traffic sucks. Kyle understands the opportunity costs of our traffic situation because he sits in it with you every day. Kyle will work as endlessly as our traffic to bring common sense solutions to our roadways.

Women’s Rights

Kyle believes that every woman has the right to make her own healthcare decisions, without undue obstacles or pressures from the government. Kyle also believes that women should earn equal pay for equal work.


Climate change is not a specter of future calamity, it is a real and present danger. Kyle will stand with those who seek to make Virginia a leader in green energy production, seeking to leave our children an inheritance of clean environment.

Campaign Finance

It is time we brought accountability to the candidates in Virginia elections. Candidates should be required to itemize expenditures and justify how they are related to the campaign. Donors that receive state protections or preferential treatment should be banned from contributing to Virginia campaigns.

Gun Legislation

As a combat veteran, Kyle has witnessed the devastating impact of firearms. He will advocate for responsible gun legislation that protects our entire community, starting with establishing universal background checks.