I am the first to admit that social media and I do not get along. I’ve never been one to use it, even back in my college days, when Facebook was new. So when someone suggested that I create a hashtag for the campaign, I put that idea on a back burner . . . until a random conversation inspired me.

I was talking with a good friend (well, more like complaining) about how our current government, in Washington and Richmond, has or is trying to reverse so much of the progress we have fought hard to accomplish over the past decades. Our voting rights are being suppressed; our education system is underfunded; our children’s safety is under the gun because of special interest groups; our economy is stifled by inequality; our healthcare system is being put on life support; our seniors are facing threats of benefit cuts; our vulnerable communities are under attack; our infrastructure is crumbling; and the list goes on (women’s rights, environmental protection, LGBT rights, etc.).

Then a social-media-friendly phrase hit me: #ResistRegression. That is what this campaign, this movement, is about. We are about safeguarding what previous generations have already accomplished, and we are about writing the next chapter of progress for the Commonwealth. As the old sports adage goes: The best defense is a good offense. I am not going to sit idly by waiting for the next attack on our values. We are going to take the fight for progress to Richmond with passion, reason, and endless energy.

I look forward to working with you to #ResistRegression and bring a new wave of positive progress to Virginia.