President Trump’s Tax Law

A couple weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to add my voice to the conversation on President Trump’s new tax law. What started as a “we just need a couple minutes and a quote” turned into a full on-camera interview and the following ad that aired in Congressman Scott Taylor’s district. I also wrote an opinion editorial (posted below the video) to be published in concert with the advertisement.

The last thing working Virginia families need is more inequality in our tax system.

Why, then, did President Donald Trump and his Republican colleagues in Congress pass a tax plan that raises taxes on 92 million middle-class families?

Our elected representatives in Washington are refusing to answer tough questions—like how our government is going to operate and who’s going to pay for it—with common-sense solutions that make the economy work for working families. Instead, they continue to bow to the pressures of special interest groups and wealthy donors, enacting failed policies based on debunked theories like trickle-down economics. We deserve better from our elected officials.

I’d like to highlight one locally elected official who has shown that he is more interested in serving special interest groups than representing the working families he was elected to serve: Congressman Scott Taylor.

Congressman Taylor and I are both Virginians and veterans; we understand the incredible sacrifices that must be made to serve and defend the freedoms all Americans hold so dear. Unfortunately, Congressman Taylor has become a politician that plays the same partisan games his Republican colleagues in Congress have played for years.

Under the tax plan that Congressman Taylor voted for last December, the wealthiest five percent of Virginians will receive 53 percent of the benefits from the tax cuts next year. In comparison, more than 750,000 Virginians won’t see any tax cuts. Does real leadership protect the pocketbook of the wealthy at the expense of the vulnerable? No.

The median income in Virginia’s Second Congressional District is $66,953. Next year’s average tax cut for Virginia’s top one percent is estimated at $60,440. Does real leadership give Virginia’s top one percent a tax cut nearly equal to the median income in Congressman Taylor’s district? No.

Congressman Taylor voted for three different versions of the TrumpTax law—including one that repealed the student loan interest deduction that more than 25,000 of Congressman Taylor’s constituents claimed in 2015. Does real leadership ignore the financial realities faced by those pursuing a higher education? No.

The final version of the TrumpTax, which was signed into law by President Trump, further undermined the Affordable Care Act and included provisions that will cause healthcare premiums to skyrocket by 10 percent each year. Does real leadership vote for a plan that strips healthcare from 13 million Americans and threatens funding for Social Security and Medicare? No.

Real leadership would embrace the courage that Congressman Taylor showed during his military career and lead the charge to repeal the TrumpTax. It is the right thing to do for the country, the Commonwealth, and the people he represents.

We must continue to pressure Congressman Taylor and his Republican colleagues in Congress to repeal their tax plan—too much is at stake for us to remain silent and let this law go unchallenged.

So keep showing up and speaking out against the TrumpTax. Join me and thousands of others marching on Tax Day to show our opposition. Head to the polls on Election Day to make sure our representatives hear your voice where it matters most to them.